Safeer Abbas

3D Art

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My journey as an Environment artist began right after the college, in those early days the gaming industry wasn’t this specialized.

I have been a vivid gamer from my very early childhood. My love for games started when my parents gifted me a Nintendo NES. From there onwards I played numerous games on most of the platforms like SEGA, PS series and PC too. But I was always curious and interested about the inner workings of the game which led me to do Bachelors in Animation and Multimedia.

I have been working in the gaming industry as an Environment artist since 2013 and worked on several AAA titles like, FORZA HORIZON 3, OVERKILL’S THE WALKING DEAD, PREY MOONCRASH, CONTROL and others.

In Oct 2019, I joined Redhill games as an Environment Artist and moved to Helsinki. Initially I was a bit nervous about relocating to a completely new country and culture but after the interview with Redhill Team I realized that this is going to be a great opportunity to work with some of the industry veterans and leaders.

The biggest problem I faced was language. Though everyone in Finland and in the office speak English, most of the official documents, forms and information are in Finnish. And to my surprise even many websites are in native language with no option to switch to English. Redhill offers relocation services to keep the relocation as smooth and fast as possible. The agent was a real help in making my relocation process easy and in getting housing too. I just had to choose an apartment and everything else like negotiations, contract and other paperwork was taken care of by the agency.

Management and colleagues were also very helpful especially in understanding the work culture and environment. So far, it’s one of the best working environments I have worked in. Teammates and management are very supportive and professional and it’s a pleasure working with them.

Personally, my experience has been mostly with the large teams working on AAA titles. On the other hand, Redhill is composed of small teams working closely with each other. In my opinion if you are keen on taking ownership of your work as well as learning new things, working in smaller teams has a lot to offer. Here you will have more freehand to explore new ideas and it is very easy to communicate.


If you are keen on taking ownership of your work as well as learning new things, working in smaller teams has a lot to offer.

But the best thing when working in an industry you love is that you never feel like you’re working but more like fun. Everyday there are challenges to solve and something new to learn, it never gets boring.