Thien Nguyen Truong

Analytics / Business Intelligence

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In April 2019 I joined Redhill Games as a Business Intelligence intern. During the very first week, the executive producer gave me two options for my expertise. The first one is to work in marketing analysis – to help the company gain insight into current market and our potential players – and the other option is to work with other game designers and programmers to perform in-game analysis.

Without hesitation, I chose the latter one regardless of my previous experience in marketing. After all, to work with game designers and learn about the proper process of game development is the biggest reason to join this internship program. And for the next three months, I did exactly all that. Here are three things I would like to share about this experience.

My very first impression is that game studio has a more relaxed nature than a typical office, at least Redhill Games is like that. I always wonder if this is a distinct character among ‘gamers’, that their humor game is almost always top-notch. Everyone I met are highly motivated and super talented with what they are doing. In our slack channels, people chat almost daily about news in game industry, and occasionally – about 4.5 days per week – we post memes.

Another great thing about this internship opportunity is the sense of ownership in my work. After the first two weeks learning about the work environment, I was given a substantial task to complete, with clear expectation of the outcome. After that, there was no hand-holding during the time I work on the task.  On the contrary, I received necessary support whenever I requested – not more – and there is nobody breathing down my neck every day. When the task is completed, I feel super great not only about what I achieved, but also because I feel accountable for the quality and timeliness of the outcome. 


I received necessary support whenever I requested – not more – and there is nobody breathing down my neck every day.

I met some new friends since joining the company, who makes going to work every day much more exciting. It is naturally that we bond quite quickly due to through same interests and passion toward gaming and game culture. All in all, I had a blast spending 3 months here with Redhill Games (and still do). I hope everyone shall have the same experience as I do when joining Redhill Games.