Yasmine Nuoraho

Video and Motion Graphics

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Growing up, I played a massive amount of games on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles, but virtually nothing on PC. I browsed a few gaming forums but wasn’t a part of any online communities, and don’t really consider myself a “hardcore gamer.” When I got the call about a position in a new Helsinki-based game development studio as a video artist, I was nervous. At that time, I was working in marketing for a well-established, listed mobile games company, but ironically knew very little about the gaming industry.

However, with my background in video production, I knew this would be an opportunity to explore a world unknown. And despite staring into the proverbial den of tactical shooter lions, I decided to follow my curiosity and see what I would find.

The very first thing I noticed during my interview at Redhill is that these people had a fire in them. They are experienced, but not jaded. Strategic, but unafraid to take risks – a key ingredient I was craving in a workplace. I could see early on that the employees were encouraged to take ownership. I’m not talking about uneducated, careless business moves, I’m talking about having the balls to put yourself and your ideas on the line.

During the first days on the job, there wasn’t really a period of onboarding. I was handed a project and told to run with it. Generally, I’ve been given much freedom to create the kind of videos I enjoy making and my vision is trusted. We’ve got a really cool team of people that like to brainstorm and experiment with content. It’s not something we’ve explicitly talked about, but we don’t aim to be perfect. We just want to be real.

When it comes to creating videos at Redhill, my past in documentary work naturally helps point things in a more human-centric direction. For example, while editing the Dev Dates I often try to search for those nuances in personality that come through in subtext. It’s about revealing the person behind the work, and what makes them tick.

One of my absolute favourite things is when the videos get released online. I love seeing how the public reacts, or when they notice little easter eggs you’ve placed for them or even mistakes you’ve made. I had no idea just how engaged the community would be and that we can talk directly with them and there exists this kind of symbiotic relationship.


It’s not something we’ve explicitly talked about, but we don’t aim to be perfect. We just want to be real.

My short time so far at Redhill has been an adventure. People are given the reigns to dream up ideas and take initiative on them. That can be a scary reality at times, but you have the support to help you through it with great teammates. In small companies, there will be highs and lows, but going through it together is a wild ride. We are all working towards one common goal, and at the moment that is to see the realization of Nine to Five.